Appearance – The pies are plain and simple, but with an air of quality.  Could do with a little more colour, but certainly not a major concern. As a side note, the box is very attractive with the Glenfiddich logo showing through.

Mince to Pastry ratio – Satisfactory – a little lower than I would like in a pie in this price range, but its no disaster zone.

Mouthfeel – Crisp and crumbly pastry that’s not too thick or dry. Sticky, chunky filing that has plenty of juicy fruit.

Flavour – Pastry is well baked and very tasty. The filling is delicious from start to finish with fruity and boozy flavour. My only minor complaint would be that the Whisky flavour could be stronger, but it gives a very pleasant kick without being overpowering.

Summary – WOW! It’s not quite perfect, but its as close as we have come on this epic quest so far! Definitely worth my Edinburgh Woollen Mill (yes really!) buyer going out of his way to find these. The price would put off some, but if you are looking for what must be one of best pies on the market it’s money well spent!

Overall Rating – 5 Santas


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