Appearance – Attractive design and a good golden colour to the pastry. A very good looking pie –  even if mine was slightly squashed in the handbag of my Tesco buyer!

Mince to Pastry ratio – Another pie with an AIR GAP so loses marks here. Pastry not too thick though so had the makings of a good ratio. I am told the others in the box were better filled, but I can only judge whats in front of (or inside) me!

Mouthfeel – Crisp pastry, mincemeat was sticky but still satisfying chunks (medium). Lovely crunch from the sugar on top.

Flavour – A strong boozy flavour with tasty fruit hints. Could really taste the butter in the pastry – very nice. The added sweetness from the sugar is a nice touch.

Summary – Is this the ‘finest’ mince pie on the market? No, but it’s another good effort from Tesco – they know how to make a reasonably priced mince pie it seems. I wanted to rate it higher for the flavour but under filling a ‘deep filled’ pie is a no no.

At least the Good Housekeeping Institute recover some of their credibility after the Mr Kipling debacle

Overall rating – 3.5 Santas

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