Appearance – Pretty pie with attractive design and sugar on top. Mine looked a bit like Quasimodo, but at least it wasn’t squashed in a sandwich bag like the Tesco buyer provided last year…

Mince to Pastry ratio – A nicely filled pie, a small air gap under the hump but nothing to get to worked up about.

Mouthfeel – Soft pastry rather than crispy as you’d expect – was the one I had a tad stale? Pleasant crunch from the sugar topping. Satisfying chunks of fruit.

Flavour – Good strong flavours from the fruit and brandy. The citrus hints came through on first bite before leaving a boozy after-taste. Not over powering though – very pleasant without being too sweet.

Summary – Good solid pie, not as pretty as some but it has a great flavour. It is probably worthy of its finest title in the Tesco range and an improvement over last year!

Overall Rating – 3 Santas

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