Appearance – Small but perfectly formed! Attractive design with the mincemeat spilling over slightly. Great conformity across a box of 9 as well.

Mince to Pastry ratio – Low – the pastry thickness is the same as a normal pie, but with reduced space for filling. There is also an AIR GAP…

Mouthfeel – Pastry is a little dry but not criminally so. The filling is also a little dry and sticky – needs more moisture!

Flavour – Very nice with an alcoholic kick – just wish there was more of it! Pastry was a bit of a none event – needed more flavour for a so called ‘premium’ offering.

Summary – Can I taste the difference? Not really! The flavour is very good, but the mincemeat was too dry to be that enjoyable

Overall Rating – 1.5 Santas

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