– Very attractive box and star design on the mince pie. Nice colour and sugar topping adds to the air of quality

Mince to Pastry ratio – Disappointing! Thin pastry that holds up well, but a sizeable air gap – not what you expect on a premium pie.

Mouthfeel – The thin pastry is crisp and gives a nice crunch along with the sugar on top. Delightfully sticky filling – it’s not going to remove your fillings but it hangs around a while.

Flavour – Rich and fruity filling and a very tasty pastry throughout – no soggy bottom here.

Summary A great pie, with a reasonable price that makes it in reach of most as a causal purchase. Very popular in the Mince household – I only managed to get one out of the box before Mrs M and the eldest Mincet devoured the rest! This could have been my highest scoring pie ever if it wasn’t for the dreaded air gap!


Overall Rating –  3.5 Santas

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