Back for 2019 and a front runner in 2018 – how does it compare this year?









Appearance – A very simple and homely look, over spill on all the pies in the box. A much lighter bake than last years efforts (as tested at least!).

Mince to Pastry ratio – Lower than last year :'( Pastry is a good thickness but lower on filling than you’d like with a substantial air gap!!!

Mouthfeel – Satisfyingly crisp pastry and moist filling, I’ve had worse things in my mouth.

Flavour – Disappointing, far from unpleasant but nothing distinctive. The ‘Gary Lineker’ of mince pies if you prefer.

Summary – Definitely a step down from previous years. Year on year this is a favourite in the Mince household, but this falls short of flavour. Far from the worst pie you’ll find though – is that still Mr. Kipling’s effort I wonder?

Overall Rating –  3 Santas


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Pie Fan · September 25, 2019 at 8:42 am

at least it’s not the Garth Crooks of mince pies…

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