Appearance –Good colour and holly detail on the top is nice enough. Lets just say its OK, but nothing to get that excited about.

Mine to Pastry ratio – Medium. The filling is fairly deep (as you’d hope given the name!), but then the pastry is fairly thick. No air gap so at least they got that bit right.

Mouthfeel – Dry crumbly pastry, but the filling has good texture with juicy sultanas adding a pleasant squish.

Flavour – Missing In Action – pastry is a non-event and the filling has no taste to note.

Summary – Cheap, but not all that cheerful – hard to get excited about this pie. It ticks the boxes in terms of look and (mouth)feel but offers nothing in the way of flavour. If you find yourself in Sainsbury’s and fancy a mince pie just look past these ones and head to the bakery section and look our their Shortcrust offering!

Overall Rating – 1 Santa

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