Apperance – A very pretty pie, but burnt edge to the top lets it down a bit. However the bigger let down is the TINY size compared to the tray. I have even drawn a Christmassy ARROW to emphasise the disappointment!Mince to Pastry Ratio – Surprisingly low considering the lattice top. Needs to be a taller pie with more filling – there is space in the box after all!

Mouthfeel – Dry pastry on top and soggy pastry on the bottom – very impressive work there. The filling is a lovely consistency though.

Flavour – Pastry is odd, but the filling was flavoursome and enjoyable, even if its not award winning.

Summary – This isn’t any small pie, this is a M&S tiny pie. Good looks and a tasty filling, but really let down by the pastry and tiny size.

Overall Rating – 2 Santas

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