Appearance – Not usually a fan of a ‘puffer’, but this looks very pleasing to the eye. With a slotted top design and the baked on sugar. Only real negative is that they are more oval than circular as shown on the box.

Mince to Pastry ratio – Hard to gauge initially – filling is adequate, but pastry appears vast. However, once you take a bite the pastry collapses (as you’d expect!) to give a reasonably good balance.

Mouthfeel – Crisp pastry that is not as crumbly as you’d expect. Filling is quite fine but feels good on the tongue. Another with a nice crunch on the top due to the sugar.

Flavour – Pastry is OK, no real taste to talk about but the sugar on top gives a sweet flavour. The filling is tangy and fruity, but not boozy enough for me.

Summary – Not a bad mince pie, especially for a puff pastry variety. I gave it 3 in a blind taste test, but I want to revise this down as the pastry isn’t strong enough for that rating.

Overall Rating – 2 Santas


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