Appearance – Pale and misplaced lids across the whole box – even for a mass-produced pie from a budget supermarket this is a poor effort…

Mince to Pastry ratio – Very reasonable – no major air gap to complain about. However the pasty was thicker than you would like which is a common complaint on a cheaper pie.

Mouthfeel – Dry and powdery pastry and a gloopy filling don’t add up to a pleasant experience.

Flavour – Pastry is devoid of flavour. Hard to describe the mincemeats flavour – very indistinctive.

Summary – Looks like it was constructed in a machine rejected by Mr Kipping so gives poor first impression. This isn’t redeemed in the taste which is nothing unpleasant but also nothing to shout about. Shall we call this dead calories or a pie for the sake of a pie?

Lidl on price, Lidl on quality!

Overall Rating – 1  Santa

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