Appearance – Chocolatey and distinctive. It doesn’t look like a mince pie at all, but what do you expect from this nutter? Be grateful theres no real meat in it – unlike his Meat Fruit!

Mince to Pastry ratio – Low levels of mincemeat due to crumble topping. But the pastry is more like a biscuit anyway so I can’t even begin to score this round…

Mouthfeel – Crunchy crisp biscuit-like base and topping. The mincemeat and cherry centre is sticky but moist.

Flavour – Dominated by chocolate due to the base and crumble. Good cherry twang to the mincemeat but it’s still got a fruity flavour – take note Aldi! Wheres the booze though? Vodka was mentioned but its not there!

Summary – It’s in the ‘gimmicky’ camp so I expected to be disappointed, but I wasn’t. The filling is good, if a little overpowered by the chocolate. Perhaps it would have faired better if there was more mincemeat and less crumble? Overall a very good pie, definately the best ‘non standard’ effort I’ve tried this year.

Overall rating – 3.5 Santas



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