Appearance – Poor conformity in both colour and shape in a box of 6. Pastry colouration patchy, but really let down by a poor distribution of icing sugar.

Mince to Pastry ratio – Good, pastry was sufficient to contain the mince but not too thick – a common fault at the cheaper end of the market.

Mouthfeel – The pastry was soft and the mincemeat tender with small chunks – overall a pleasant experience even if I could feel my teeth decaying on contact.

Taste –  Far to sweet to be enjoyable. The flavour under the sweetness was OK – nothing to write home (online?) about.

Summary – Too sweet for me, I suspect it’s enough to bring on diabetes. I could see it appealing to someone who takes 3+ sugars in their tea, but if you need that you are devoid of tastebuds anyway.

Overall Rating – 0.5 Santas.




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