Appearance – Unusual to see an ‘open’ style, but this together with the decorative star give it a very good visual appeal. The icing sugar looks a bit ‘thrown’ on, perhaps in an attempt to try and mask the fact it’s made in a factory not Mrs Nero’s kitchen.

Mince to Pastry ratio – Extreme! An early leader in this department, hard to see how another pie could get close without doing away with the pastry altogether.

Mouthfeel – Fine and sticky – Jenna Jameson would be pleased with this. The only criticism would be the pastry could be crisper.

Flavour – Rich and very fruity, you can taste the quality of the ingredients. Pastry is the weakest link, but still very flavoursome.

Summary – A striking mince pie with style and flavour to boot. Almost justifies its £2 price tag, but it does lose some marks for being so pricey.

Overall Rating – 4 santas

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