Appearance – The star topping and dusting of icing sugar is a good start. However when you remove them from the tin foil case you see just how wonky they are – like a one legged drunk!

Mince to Pastry ratio – High – A nicely filled pie with pastry that doesn’t dominate like you often see in a cheaper offering.

Mouthfeel – The filling is almost slimy in consistency, much like that bit of phlegm after a nasty cough. The dry pastry is even more surprising given the moisture in the contents.

Flavour – Initially a bit of a non-event with no real taste evident. The only saving grace is the pleasant kick from brandy that comes in the after-taste.

Summary – If I had to sum this pie up in a word it would be… Meh! It looks half decent, but it gives so little pleasure in the eating that its not worth the calories. Not a front runner.

Overall Rating – 1.5 Santas

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