Appearance – Distinctive design incorporating a star top AND snowflake. Then let down by drowning it in icing sugar – it’s even underneath the foil tray!

Mince to Pastry ratio –High, the pie is well filled with just the right amount of pastry to contain it.

Mouthfeel – Pastry is a little dry, but not as bad as many. The filling is sticky with juicy large chunks of fruit.

Flavour – Boozy! You can really taste the Courvoisier® in the mincemeat and it adds to the lovely taste of the fruit. Pastry lets it down a bit, it’s just not buttery enough.

Summary – A very tasty pie with a lovely alcoholic kick. However, you will end up looking like Pablo Escobar after a heavy night due to the excessive use of icing sugar.

Overall Rating – 3 Santas

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